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A friend of mine just explained Trump's EO on the #ACA.

Because so many uninsured people who had not been insured for so many years had finally entered the market and were finally getting preventative care, perhaps finding out that they might have high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, asthma, other conditions and are finally getting treatment, these patients who are finally using the healthcare system are contributing to the raising premiums. But over time, those new patients in the system will shake out and the premium rates will drop and the law of averages take over.

So, Trump signs this toothless EO the day he is Inaugurated and then when by the law of nature and the law of large numbers being insured and the affect of many just entering the market after being out for many years has been neutralized and premiums drop, guess who will take credit because he signed this toothless EO. And guess who will give him credit? And his followers will really believe he had something to do with it even though this was expected in the life cycle of the implentation of the #ACA.

This is all part of the Trump's Distortion Field and how he is Inoculating the public against disinformation. He will have had nothing to do with the eventual drops in #ACA premium drops, but you know he will take credit and his supporters will point to the toothless EO signed on 1/20.

Food for thought.
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5 months ago

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Tiffany ElderKirkumGod gets all the credit and at some point we ALL need to turn to HIM and let the foolishness die!!! I serve a God that is in complete control. Hallelujah for his grace!5 months ago
Kelli BrethourDaily Action: WE DID IT! Our calls helped stop the GOP from gutting the ACA--& we're just getting started. Tell friends to text DAILY to 228466 to keep it growing!3 months ago   ·  1
Eugene GoldenIt is typical "short Sighted" politics. It is also a common in corporate America... " see how much it costs now? or next year?" They do not take a long term approach.5 months ago   ·  1
Lois Ann Struwe NewtonIn case you might want to post this, ACA Success Stories Wanted! Remember all those GOPers who begged for ACA stories hoping to be bombarded with ACA horror stories but instead were bombarded with 'ACA saved my life' stories? Now the White House is asking. www.whitehouse.gov/obamacare-share-your-story3 months ago
Mary CompeanIn 2017, insurance companies are lowering their ACA. premiums because they are making a profit. (Alice Rivlin, Brookings Institution research)4 months ago
Amanda Winters#ResistTrump now! Important !! #Trumpcare: passed the House of Representives today and Is was one step toward repealing #Obamacare -- analysts say we as the public have a great chance to kill it however! The paddle is only half over! Please forward this notice to others, and you can go to www.facebook.com/MoveOn for action tips anytime, and/or www.moveon.or Mark your calendar or act now to Contact your US senator today to express your concern about the fact that this bill was never put through the analysis that previous bills have been through, and was rushed through with the stated power team of many Republicans of creating a "win" for pay and the president. And who pays for this "win" ?? Us! before a 11 day congressional vacation. Congress is going on a 11 day break and we can take that opportunity to make sure that especially our Senators, who will vote in this atrocious bill hear from us when they go home. **Here is a link to contact your US Senator in just a few clicks to protest this bill!! See Jimmie Kimmel's emotional appeal regarding his child's healthcare coverage on YouTube www.senate.gov/senators/contact/ Texans are senators are Ted Cruz and John Cornyn ** A post about the repeal efforts: House Republicans Finally Pass An Obamacare Repeal and Replacement www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/house-republicans-finally-pass-an-obamacare-repeal-and-replacement_u...2 months ago
Elaine CooperSee y'all here - Affordable Care Act Town Hall February 25, 2017 2:00 pm Speakers Five minutes per speaker followed by Q&A Sue Berkowitz Appleseed Legal Justice Center Dr. James T. Fields Physician Virginia Sanders Activist Catherine Bruce Palmetto Project Maria Romero Palmetto Project Jacqueline Fox University of South Carolina Law School Rep. Jim Clyburn staff member4 months ago
Bradley HarrisonThe truth about Donald Trump! sk.trumptruth.tk/14 months ago
Christopher KempMy father's household-... 4 people 50k a year Ages and sex: 51 M,48F, 23M, 19F pregnant Location: Sacramento, CA Current ACA silver plan: $279 w/ subsidy New premium under AHCA: $458 w/ tax credit. He has type 1 diabetes. Kaiser released an article in 2010 stating high risk premiums were 125-200% higher, or $531 to $916. His best case scenario, $458, is a 64% increase in monthly premiums. This is 11% of his gross income. My Household- 2 person household, 110k a year Age and sex: 31M, 30F Location: Sacramento, CA Current silver plan premium $720, no subsidy due to income. New AHCA premium: $303 after tax credits. This is a 57% price drop and this is 3.3% of my yearly income. I would love the opportunity to calculate this for other people currently on the affordable care act, at no cost. This is very important. Sources used- healthcare.gov, coveredca.com, AHCA H.R. 1628 Report No. 115-52 page 89 found here www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-115hr1628rh/pdf/BILLS-115hr1628rh.pdf KFF article "High-Risk Pools for Uninsurable Individuals: Recent Growth, Future Prospects" kaiserfamilyfoundation.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/8041.pdf2 months ago

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