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A friend of mine just explained Trump's EO on the #ACA.

Because so many uninsured people who had not been insured for so many years had finally entered the market and were finally getting preventative care, perhaps finding out that they might have high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, asthma, other conditions and are finally getting treatment, these patients who are finally using the healthcare system are contributing to the raising premiums. But over time, those new patients in the system will shake out and the premium rates will drop and the law of averages take over.

So, Trump signs this toothless EO the day he is Inaugurated and then when by the law of nature and the law of large numbers being insured and the affect of many just entering the market after being out for many years has been neutralized and premiums drop, guess who will take credit because he signed this toothless EO. And guess who will give him credit? And his followers will really believe he had something to do with it even though this was expected in the life cycle of the implentation of the #ACA.

This is all part of the Trump's Distortion Field and how he is Inoculating the public against disinformation. He will have had nothing to do with the eventual drops in #ACA premium drops, but you know he will take credit and his supporters will point to the toothless EO signed on 1/20.

Food for thought.
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4 weeks ago

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Tiffany ElderKirkumGod gets all the credit and at some point we ALL need to turn to HIM and let the foolishness die!!! I serve a God that is in complete control. Hallelujah for his grace!4 weeks ago
Eugene GoldenIt is typical "short Sighted" politics. It is also a common in corporate America... " see how much it costs now? or next year?" They do not take a long term approach.4 weeks ago
Bradley HarrisonThe truth about Donald Trump! sk.trumptruth.tk/12 days ago

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